Dear Royal, family and friends

For years we have laughed together.

We have smiled together. 

We have danced together. 

Now we cry together. 

We mourn together. 

And we can take action together. 

A week has passed since the terrible tragedy in Israel. Our great nation is bouncing back and ready to fight.
We saw how everybody is sending ceramic vests, helmets and bunch of stuff to the units
and it’s really warming the hearts of everybody.

Unfortunately, it looks like this war is going to take some time. After evaluating the situation
to see what would make the most sense for us to do , we decided to focus on two projects.
The first one:
The Royal Passover team in Israel has secured the Amalon Boutique apartment building with 25 units
to provide safe housing to those families displaced from the south
Who are not close enough so the government is not providing help for them.
These families are left with nothing and will need long term assistance until they can rebuild their homes and their lives.
Our kitchen is going to provide meals to all of those families. In addition, we will send out
every day meals to people on the border and to our brave soldiers.

The second project:
We we are planning on going three times a week to army bases to host barbecues for the soldiers
and bring some music to cheer them up ,
After speaking to some generals in the army, it’s a big help for them and gives them strength to keep going.

The beauty of this fund is that 100% of your charitable donation is going straight to the people to make them happy.
I’m here for any other ideas you have or for any stuff that you want to send to Israel and the soldiers

Pls Join me