Kosher Certification



Rabbi Yossi Birnbaum had 18 years experience in Kashrus as the Rabbinical Coordinator & Chief Supervisor of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC). Rabbi Birnbaum currently resides in Jerusalem Israel since 1999. Rabbi Birnbaum served as a Rav Hamachshir for the last 16 years on over 100 cruises as well as Passover programs in hotels worldwide. He published several Kashrus guidelines for Mashgichim in hotels, he is training Mashgichim and giving public lectures on variety of Kashrus subjects.

Rabbi Birnbaum is the head rabbi of MKS Mehadrin Kosher Services Yerushalyim

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  • 5 star gourmet meals served
    in our ballroom and prepared
    by our highly acclaimed chefs
  • Elegant sedarim on both nights of
    Yom Tov including private seder options
  • Lavish kiddushim
  • Continental breakfast buffet – Mediterranean, Israeli and
    American style
  • Kids Dinners – early dinner available
    nightly in the kids dining area
  • Exclusive Royal Culinary delights
    available daily
  • Daytime refreshment room
    and elaborate, viennese evening
    tea room
  • Themed dinners nightly
  • Royal Decor – elegant
    tablescapes with exquisite tableware sourced from all over the world
  • Kosher for passover baby food
    on request
  • Special dietary accommodations available on request