Yaakov Shwekey

That thrilling heart pounding first wedding dance, that get off your feet and move concert, that magical, heart filled chupah, the birth of a new baby, all these events play the very same soundtrack. A soundtrack with a voice, so incomparable, so recognizable in the Jewish music world that it can only belong to the one and only Yaakov Shwekey.

Yaakov Shwekey began his singing career as a child in the Mexico City Choir, Ateret Yosef and continued together with his brother for a stint as part of the Miami Boys Choir. Yaaakov did not pursue a professional career in music until after his wedding. Once he started, Shwekey did not stop, his name becoming synonymous with Jewish music and his career exploding, making him one of the most sought after Jewish Music stars of our generation.

Shwekey has amassed more hit albums then any other Jewish music star with many hit songs topping the music charts, from the soul stirring Racheim, Mi Bon Siach, Im Eshkacheich, that penetrate your soul, to the miraculous Miracle that speaks to the journey of our people, the ultimate dance hits Eit Rekod, Inshallah and Kol Haneshama, the Latin inspired Musica and the energetic hit Aish, Shwekey’s list of hits is endless as is his energy and personality, making him the ultimate performer and superstar.

Most definitely a member of Jewish Music Royalty, there is no better place for Yaakov Shwekey then on the Royal Passover stage. We have our dancing shoes ready for a concert like none other in Puerto Rico 2019.

Master Mentalist 

Lior Suchard & friends

Do you believe someone can read your mind? Lior Suchard can. He can delve into your innermost thoughts, and know what you are going to say even before you do. His outstanding performances of mind reading, thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis have earned him international acclaim as a top class supernatural entertainer and mentalist from members of the public, to the best- performing CEOs worldwide and Hollywood celebrities. Royal Passover is looking forward to Lior astounding the minds of our guests at our very own night of mentalists. 


John Pizzi

One of the hottest rising comics in the entertainment industry,  John Pizzi ‘s name is synonymous with laugh out loud funny and now he brings his very unique brand of comedy that has been leaving his audiences all around the United States in stitches, to A Royal Passover.

John has opened acts for entertainers like Jerry Vale, Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge, Joy Behar, Weird Al Yankovic, The Trammps, The Regents, Al Martino, Clint Holmes and many more.  John has also been a national headliner at comedy clubs, resorts and college starring in a one man show of comedy, magic and ventriloquism for the ultimate in high energy comedy.


Gad Elbaz

Jewish plus Israeli plus Latin plus heart equals a winning combination that is music superstar Gad Elbaz.

Perhaps the most recognized name and face in the Jewish music world, Gad will be joining the Royal Passover superstar entertainment lineup.

With his soulful voice, Latin swagger and contemporary sounds, Gad has widened the reach of Jewish music in an extraordinary way as only he can.  Gad has broken down boundaries, connecting music lovers everywhere spreading the message of Jewish unity despite different views and origins.  Gad’s message has reached audiences around the world.  Through his music, Gad has helped people renew their faith and empowered many to live their lives with an open heart, with faith and unity.

A Gad Elbaz concert is both riveting and thrilling. When he performs it is to the individual.  His piercing eyes and stirring voice connect with each and every member of his audience, while his swagger and excellence as an entertainer will have you moving to the beat.   We at Royal Passover, look forward to experiencing soulful and exciting heart pounding moments and memories of true exhilaration and complete Jewish unity with Gad Elbaz.


Meir Kay

I’m Meir Kay, and I’m all about spreading positivity through different

mediums. You may have seen my viral Facebook videos, which emphasize the importance of being happy and kind to others, but there’s so much more about me!

When I’m not producing or starring in videos, I often run marathons, volunteering, traveling, and giving motivational speeches.

Singer and Baal Tefilah

Eli Levin

Eli Levin is a singer/guitarist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Eli is known for His soulful “hartzig” music. He is deeply inspired by the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, a prolific songwriter who spread hundreds of tunes and stories to move thousands of Jews to find their connection to their roots. Eli has brought his music and angelic voice to many Simcha’s and events worldwide, adding a special energy that connects and spiritually uplifts his audience. Eli will bring his pure, melodious voice to Puerto Rico to enhance and lead some od our tefilot and he will serenade our Royal Passover guests with his guitar at our nightly kumsitzs.   Follow him on Instagram @elilevinmusic.


Menachem Toker

Menachem Toker is one of the greatest media stars in the Jewish religious world. For over twenty years he has had a highly rated radio radio show plus a television program on the central Israeli station for already a decade. In addition to being the go to MC for all Israeli events, Menachem is known for his wildly popular musical site Toker.fm and is the face of programs on El Al airlines. Through being a presenter on the top rated program “Motzash-chai” on Saturday nights, Menachem debuted a reality competition of musical talent called “Hakol-Habah” (the upcoming voice) which earned unbelievable ratings, capturing a massive audience and fan following throughout the competition. Royal Passover is thrilled to present our very own Royal Passover talent extravaganza, where Menachem will discover the great musical talent hidden amongst our Royal Passover guests. Do you know how to sing? Are you hiding a voice that could be Jewish musics next big thing? Come and prove it to Toker, the audience, your families and the judges and you will receive a most valuable prize….plus the great honor of being crowned Royal Passovers Talent 2019. Who will be the upcoming Jewish star of Pesach?? Maybe it will be you!!!

2018 entertainment lineup


Tal Vaknin

Tal Vaknin is an internationally acclaimed singer and composer of Jewish pop and soul music. Tal is known for his amazing vocal abilities and his success among all different streams of Jewish audiences, both in Israel and abroad. Born in Jerusalem, and son of musical cantorial parent, Tal was discovered at an early age as a musical prodigy child. Tal continued to wow audiences in concerts up until he joined the IDF. During his service in the IDF he performed in the Israeli Army band at bases all around the country.


In 2008 he released along with singer Yossi Azulay  the album “Prayers” which became a smashing success.  In 2009 Tal founded the known Radio station Galey Yisrael along with “Lehakat Darom” and served as the Music director of the station. In 2011 Tal broadened his reach and founded the childrens choir “Musikids”.  Tal’s extreme talents led to an invitation to perform for the Israel Day Concert at the Summer stage in Central Park NYC. Accompanied by a 12 piece orchestra, Tal performed to an energized audience of 25,000 people. In addition Tal has performed  in the prestigious “Heychal Hatarbut” and with musical legends such as Gad Elbaz and world famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli. 

Tal’s 2013 single  “Aneni Bashirim” was number one on the charts for 6 consecutive weeks and became an instant hit in the religious sector in Israel.  Later that year Tal released his next Single “Neshama” to tremendous acclaim.  Aside from his albums and performances Tal is also an experienced and talented Chazan, leading powerful and upliftings davenings in synagogues all over.  Royal Passover is delighted to have Tal as both a Chazan and Entertainer this Pesach.  His Tefilot are not to be missed.  Tal’s voice will stir your heart,  awaken your soul and connect you to G-d. 


Yoni Z

A concert with Yoni Z is an experience. A true entertainer, Yoni has captivated the Jewish music world with his contagious energy and astounding voice. 
His first “professional” appearance was at the age of 15, performing a wedding in Toronto, Canada.  From his humble start, Yoni, now 26 years old, has since skyrocketed to fame, lighting up stages at thousands of performances, across the globe, often alongside the most beloved and respected legends. He has become a most sought after headliner, earning the respect of the top promoters in the field. 
Whether performing his own incredible compositions or the works of others, Yoni sings with such power and emotion that his renditions are mesmerizing.  Yoni’s  genuine joy and love permeates everything he does, and comes through in every song he sings.  Yoni’s music comforts, inspires and uplifts you.
Yoni has thrilled audiences in forty-six of the fifty states, as well as in Israel, Belgium, France, Italy, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, the Caribbean, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, and is set to release his awaited debut album in early spring 2018.


Nissim Black

It is 2018 and jewish music’s rising star is inarguably the very regal Nissim Black.  Nissim will inspire you with his journey to yiddishkeit while his powerful music will both move you spiritually and force you to get up out of your seat and DANCE.  A presence and a performer like none other, Nissim has risen to the top of the Jewish music charts with lightning fast speed.

Nissim is a Seattle based recording artist/producer, who made his first impression nationally in 2008 as D.Blackwith the song “God Like”. While his earlier recordings were filled with tales of guns, drugs and violence, it was in 2009, with the release of “Ali’ Yah” that he quickly grabbed eardrums.  As D.Black he teetered on the verge of becoming a household name in the underground, but something was missing, and the man who would become Nissim, found himself in the midst of a spiritual crisis.
After a two year hiatus and converting to Orthodox Judaism, Nissim dropped his former moniker, and adopted a new name, he began a new journey, and in his own words, “To make music that inspires and elevates this world, to the world of spirituality and divine purpose.” He appeared on the Shtar song “Rabbit Hole” released in 2012. In 2013, he released  Miracle Music, followed by his debut album, self-titled Nissim. In March 2017, he released his second album Lemala  making waves once again, a presence like none other, in the Jewish music world.





Avraham Fried

At Royal Passover our guests deserve the best of the best, and so we bring to you the true King of Jewish music.  A talent like none other, a name recognized by every person of every age all over the world. Avraham Fried.  With his unique blend of Chassidic  and contemporary music in Hebrew, Yiddish and English, Fried inspires people to laughter, joy and tears. His music is the backdrop to weddings, bar mitzvahs, to simchas and to the very most memorable both joyful and heartbreaking moments of the last thirty five years of Jewish history. 

With no less then twenty five hit albums and having performed in every prestigious venue in the world, from New York’s Carnegie Hall to Londons Wembley Stadium to Tel Avivs Heichal Hatarbut, Avram Friend continues to inspire sold out audiences all over the world, transforming generations and connecting people with his music, his lyrics and his soulful, powerful and eternal voice. 



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