Master Chefs At RP

Yonatan Roshfeld

Founder of ‘Herbert Samuel’
Ritz-Carlton Hertzelia Israel

Renowned Israeli celebrity chef Yonatan Roshfeld, acclaimed for his culinary expertise at both Herbert Samuel and his new restaurant Roshfeld continues
to make waves in the gastronomic world.
Chef Yonatan Roshfeld is set to join the distinguished
Royal Passover culinary team for Passover 2024.
With a culinary journey marked by creativity and
a discerning palate, and as a former judge on the
television cooking competition MasterChef Israel,
Chef Roshfeld is poised to elevate the Passover
dining experience.

David Levy

Executive Chef
‘Sphera’ restaurant Rechovot Israel

Renowned Chef David Levy, with a decade of
culinary leadership in Israel’s top restaurants, brings
his expertise to the PR restaurant for an immersive
Passover 2024 taste experience. Known for his
commitment to utilizing local, fresh ingredients,
Chef Levy embodies the essence of Mediterranean
cuisine in every culinary creation.