Chef Moshe Benyair Executive Chef

With years of experience in Upscale Getaways and other Yom Tov programs, Chef Moshe is highly accredited and talented to run our exclusive RP kitchen.

Chef Matias Shitrit Mediterranean & Dairy Chef

From Noi Due NYC, Matti returns to RP as master chef of our dairy kitchen.

Chef Hodaya Kelif
Pastry and Confectionery Chef

All the way from Israel, Chef Hodaya returns to RP to bring us her mouthwatering desserts that will satiate everyone’s palate.

Chef Miguel Lazano
Meat Chef

Chef Miguel returns to RP this year, with over 15 years of experience cooking in programs all over the world and will bring us his expertise in meat culinary cuisine.

Pablo Guzman
Meet Chef Pablo

our exclusive gourmet Mexican Chef renowned for creating vibrant and authentic Mexican dishes that celebrate the country's culinary heritage. From his authentic guacamole to his mouth watering empanadas you will be amazed.

Comanchi Mojica
Bars Beverage Manager

With over 5 plus years with Royal Passover, Mr. Mojica will join us once again with his expertise of all Wine and Spirits. He will make sure each family will have the drinks of their choosing to enhance their Yom Tov meals.