A brilliant and coordinated performance by leading chefs of the world who will create a tailored dazzling culinary Pesach experience. At RP we know food. Prepare to tingle your tastebuds and awaken your senses, at this epicurean dream. 

The Trio

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Chef Dzima

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Chef Matias Shitrit

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Chef Moshe Benyair

Chef restaurant

From Tel Aviv's famed Qumran TLV to RP, Chef Dzima brings his unique gourmet experience


Tapas bar, small bites bursing with flavor and imagination


Buffet style, create your own unique dining experience

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Gabi Beach

Authentic Mexican treats, tacos and more

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Tokimeto - Asian Fusion

Asian fusion fresh Sushi Bar made to order

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Hudson BBQ

Your go to at RP for all the authentic bbq you know and love

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Gabi Bar

Brick oven style Pizza, made hot and fresh for you with choice of toppings

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La palapa

For the pescatarian lovers, Fish Grill serving all varieties of fresh sea food

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Night Kitchen for those midnight cravings

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Ginger Bar

RP famous fully stocked top shelf bars, this year in 6 locations

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Nespresso Bar

freshs brews for the coffee lovers

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Ice cream choices with all the flavors and toppings

The Food Trucks

Our food is everywhere, with amazing food trucks with hot, fresh food straight to the beach or pool

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Schnitzel Bar

What RP dreams are made of, the shnitzel you know and love, hot and crispy just the way you want it

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Royal Food Carts

chopped salads, hot crepes, fresh fruit, squeezed juices, Omelettes and hot dogs. whatever you need featured all around the resorts

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Grab and Go

prepared and packaged fresh salads, sandwhiches, baby friendly items and more, for when you need it

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Snack Box

RP Candyland for the kids and kids at heart

Theme Evenings

Every evening we will take you on an unforgettable journey.
of authentic food, dancers, performances and a magical and longing atmosphere.