Luminous Lagoons

You Don't want to miss this natural phenomenon. Departing every night from the Glistening Waters Marina, tour boats take visitors on a ride around the lagoon. The highlight of the 45-minute tour is the part where you get to jump out and swim, your body surrounded by the luminous green and blue glow.

Snorkel the cliffs along the Rockhouse

Negril's generally calm waters are known for visibility of 70 feet or greater, and the temperature is almost always over 80 degrees. These are prime conditions for snorkelers who will have the opportunity to snorkel right from the shore, or sign up for a boat trip to take them a bit further out to snorkel one of the reefs that helps keep the beaches protected.  

Whichever options sounds best to you, as soon as you and your snorkel get into the water, you'll be treated to a majestic world of marine life that includes several varieties of coral, parrotfish, chromis, wrasses, and barjacks among other sea creatures. Nurse shark sightings are very rare, but do happen.  

Dolphin Cove

The Dolphin Cove attractions have become so popular that you have to book months in advance to ensure that you have a spot. Once there, you will enjoy a memorable dolphin experience including swimming and interacting up close with the dolphins. There are many other things to do and see including watching shark feeding and stingrays, riding in glass bottom boats, and chatting with the parrots. Dolphin Cove has three locations in Ocho Rios, in Lucea near Negril, and at the Half Moon property in Montego Bay.

Magnificent healthy reefs that support abundant marine life surround the island, so snorkeling and scuba diving are breath taking and dream like. The beach on the island is made up of fine coral sand perfect for long strolls. You can also explore inland, as the island is covered with lush greenery. The island and its fantastic beach are very popular among locals and tourists alike, making it crowded on the weekends.

Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain, Ocho Rios

Cueva Ventana or Cave Window is a fascinating cave carved by nature on top of a limestone cliff overlooking the scenic Río Grande de Arecibo valley. It is accessible from a narrow trail that starts next to a Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain is a popular rainforest adventure. Ocho Rios visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the town and sea on the Rainforest SkyExplorer, a chairlift ascending the mountain.The more adventurous can zoom down the mountain on Bobsled Jamaica, a single person roller coaster ride through the forest, or glide through the treetops on Tranopy, a ziplining adventure. Other attractions here include guided nature walks, butterfly and hummingbird gardens, and an infinity pool and waterslide. Book a bobsledding tour at the Mystic Mountain in advance.

Dunn's River Falls

Encompassing 180 meters of gently terraced waterfalls, Dunn's River Falls is one of Jamaica's most famous natural attractions. The falls tumble over rocks and limestone ledges into the sea. Visitors can climb the natural tiers to the top of the falls with the aid of a guide, while the less agile can cool off in the refreshing pools at the base. Bring a camera and wear appropriate clothing and water shoes; visitors can expect to get wet. Those seeking a more peaceful experience might want to plan their visit around the cruise ship crowds.

For a fun, full day outing, try a Jamaica Combo Tour: Dunn's River Falls and Bob Marley's Nine Mile. This tour stops by the village of Nine Mile, birthplace of Bob Marley, and then heads over to the Dunn's River Falls, for a guided hike up to the falls and a slide or swim in the natural pools. Hotel pickup and drop-off, entrance fees, and a guide are included.

Alternatively, take a Jamaica Catamaran Cruise to Dunn's River Falls from Ocho Rios or Montego Bay. Snorkel over coral reefs, enjoy an ocean cruise, and relax and play in the water at the falls. Hotel pickup and drop-off is included.


Blue Mountains National Park & Rainforest

Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park is an unspoiled preserve offering breathtaking mountain vistas, waterfalls, lush rainforests, and exotic plants and animals. Encompassing 200,000 acres of tropical rainforest, the park is divided into three sections: Portland Gap, which includes Stony Hill and the Hills of St. Andrew; Hollywell and Annotto Bay; and Portland and Millbank which include the John Crow Mountains.

This spectacular park is the natural habitat for more than 800 species of endemic plants, more than 200 species of birds, as well as the world's second largest butterfly. At 2,256 meters, Blue Mountain Peak is accessible by mule or on foot and is Jamaica's highest peak. The two-day trip offers thrilling views and on a clear day hikers can see all the way to Cuba.

Martha Brae River

Rafting the Martha Brae is one of Jamaica's most popular tourist attractions. At Martha Brae Rafter's Village guests can glide down a picturesque stretch of the river on bamboo rafts poled by local guides. This relaxing trip is a great way to soak up some of the tropical scenery and many guides will share information about the flora and fauna.  

Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay

One of the best beaches in Montego Bay, Doctor's Cave Beach is an alluring strip of white sand fringed by clear waters that helped shape the fate of Montego Bay. In the early 1920s a famous British osteopath declared that the water had curative powers after swimming here, a claim which began to lure visitors from around the world. Hotels sprouted and the area became a popular tourist destination. The cave for which the beach is named was destroyed by a hurricane in 1932, but the beach is as popular as ever and is often crowded with cruise ship passengers.

Kool Runnings Water Park

Jamaica's biggest water park, located in Negril, has 10 water slides -- some up to 40 feet high -- as well as a children's play area, lazy river with waterfalls, three restaurants, a juice bar, and a sports bar. Unlike some others, which are open only to resort guests, the freestanding Kool Runnings can be enjoyed by anyone willing to pay the admission fee. You can combine a ticket with the affiliated Adventure Zone (paintball, laser tag, rafting, go-karts and more).

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